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It is your right to own a gun, when you do, make sure you have the proper understanding and training to protect yourself at all times. The Gun Room can help you with this. Let's start shooting!!



Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Class


Class Fee $80.00 cash or check

Onsite Classroom and Range


The class designed to teach students laws relating to handgun carry in the state of Tennessee, Basic handgun safety, Responsibilities that go along with owning a firearm and How to apply for your permit.


What you need for Class:

Application Number

$80.00 cash or check

Drivers License

Firearm and 50 rounds of ammunition


If you do not have a firearm we have rental guns available and we stock most all calibers of handgun ammunition


Snack or Sandwich (we do not take a lunch break)

Pen and Paper for notes


Once you have decided on a date and signed up with The Gun Room you will then go to and register with the state prior to the class. Once complete print your confirmation number then call us with this number as well prior to the class date.


This class is held every Saturday beginning at 10:00 am


Sunday classes begin at 12:00 noon


Classes are available 7 days a week provided there are 3 or more students

Private One on One Classes


Just learning to shoot or improving your skills, many of our customers enjoy our one on one classes for the privacy to ask any question of our instructors in the privacy of our onsite classroom. The beginner class involves both classroom and  shooting. Classes are available for both adults and children.

1 hour instruction  $30.00   2nd person $20.00

Call us today for enrollment